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Need a loan: Anyone know of someone who wants to make extra money by loaning me $3500 pay it back in 18

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Sent2   in reply to Dobguy1
Sorry. I just joined maybe I misunderstood. My car will be taken tomorrow and I just thought that maybe somebody giving advice would want to make some extra $ and maybe help me.
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Dobguy1   in reply to Mom trying to stay strong
I did, they gave me a bag of potatoes, 5 things of top ramen, some powdered milk and a few oranges and some other stuff like nutrition bars:)
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Mom trying to stay strong   in reply to Dobguy1
hey did you ever make it to the food bank?
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Yea, this aint the place to dont happen here....maybe a site that specializes in loans or I dont I said in a precious post this should be named crisis advice not aidpage
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